Scratches outside the Corridor


Though they were just some petty ghost stories and seven wonders about a school somewhere, a certain schoolgirl from A Senior High School in the Hyogo Prefecture told me about them today.

"Hello, Ms. Saenoki.
I was surprised to see you suddenly stop writing. I was saddened to see the lack of new material to read; I look forward to your writings. I'd like to contribute a rumor I read on our information board today.
At A Senior High School that I commute to, there is a handrail facing toward the second and third floor restroom. Some boy likes to unabashedly play around on this rail by hanging off of it like a chimpanzee.

Naturally, since the second floor restrooms are the boys', we don't mind much if he wants to play around there, but the problem is that the third floor restrooms are the girls'. But that's just an excuse; the truth is that this restroom also has a history. It's a super hush-hush matter due to an event that has made it off-limits ever since I enrolled two years ago.

Why, you ask? ...I'll tell you.
Outside the third floor corridor’s handrailing, on the side of the main building, lies three or four long, thin marks scratching downward. The story is that a girl was depressed and contemplating suicide when she climbed over the handrail on a certain rainy day.

If she took even one step forward, she'd die.
If she didn't immediately die from the impact, then she'd be a bloodied mess from the resulting mass of broken bones and internal hemorrhaging that would doubtlessly finish her off. The girl got scared from the possibility of a painful death and decided that she didn't want to die. She started to climb back over the handrail when she heard a loud SLAM! from inside the restroom stalls that should have been empty. Still on the other side of the railing, she tried to look toward the entrance to the toilets, and...

RUSTLE, RUSTLE, RUSTLE! Out of nowhere, an old woman came rushing at her on all fours! The old woman's face was suddenly right in front of hers! Naturally, she jumped back from fright and fell to her death from a standing position, her leg bone tearing straight through her torso when she landed. Who knows for how many hours she languished beneath the rain, bleeding out. Those scratches on the wall were made by that girl's fingernails.

If you look closely, you can still find those nail marks even today, thus those bathroom stalls are strictly prohibited. I doubt they even let cleaners go in there, especially since no one is allowed to use it.”

...And this is why it's still important to have a clean restroom!
I may decide to check this one out during my next holiday break, though these types of monsters aren't my usual cup of tea lol.

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