The Teachers and Their Love/Hate Drama


This is a true story that was contributed to me from T Senior High School in a certain city in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

"Dear Naho,
One month ago, there was a murder at my school. At 8 P.M. that day, our English teacher stabbed our modern literature teacher in the music room. The police rushed to the scene once it was apparent that something had went wrong and found her corpse. Man, guess I wasted all that time on her homework she gave out yesterday. Not like I can turn it in...

I heard he, our English teacher, was having an affair with the modern literature teacher. She had discovered the truth one day and demanded that he divorce his wife or else she'd leave him. After that, the English teacher was furious; he called her up to the music room and stabbed her later that night. Love makes you crazy, doesn’t it? I think the ability to tell if your partner is genuine is a very essential skill in life."

That’s a rather sad tale.
Love is without reason -- it can take control and rob you of your ability to keep a cool, calm, and composed head. Truly, to love is not just a matter of the heart, mind, and body but that of you and your partner’s very existence. Love is very much an indispensable element in life, even if you must deal with love that doesn’t bear fruit... If I were in such a situation, wouldn’t it be my responsibility to keep on loving no matter what?

Those are my feelings on the matter, but maybe I should stop there for now lol.

Naho @ Lab